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Department of Industries is one of the oldest Departments of Mizoram which have been created since Mizoram was under Union Territory Administration in 1972 and continued after becoming full-fledged State in 1987.


Our mission is to accelerate industrial development in Mizoram by maximizing investment, output, growth, employment and competitiveness through development of infrastructure, human resource, incentives and administrative network.


To transform Mizoram into a vibrant entrepreneur society with inclusive and sustainable economic growth from the old tradition of jhuming agriculture economy in its hilly terrain, the Department is vested with major objectives, such as:


  • Creation of cordial environment for ensuring utmost value addition of locally available resources.


  • Mobilization of micro, small and medium enterprises to achieve employment generation and utilization of local human capital and resources.


  • Creation and improvement of industrial infrastructure to attract investment both domestic and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).


  • Increase in human capital by enhancement of skill and employability.


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