The District Industries Centre, Saiha covering the whole District of Chhimtuipui (undivided) was established and inaugurated on 01.06.1988 upgrading the existing industrial functioning office of District Industries Officer with its entire working staff merged into DIC with having General Manager who spearhead the newly created DIC with minimum working staff is smoothly functioning till date.

The DIC is an institution set up with the specific objectives of working at the levels of investment, creation of employment opportunities, increasing production and marketing of the products of small, cottage and tiny industries widely dispersed in rural areas and small towns. The DIC also intends to streamline the industrial administration machinery and envisages provisions of the supports and services required during different stages of establishment and functioning of small, tiny cottage and village industries under one roof.

To generate employment opportunities both in Rural and Urban areas of the district, the scheme of Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme is being implemented since inception of the Scheme. SBI, Mizoram Co-Operative Apex Bank (MCAB) and Mizoram Rural Bank (MRB) are the Bankers for this programme.

Artisans Training Centres

The following Artisans Training Centres are properly functioned under DIC, Saiha;

1. Knitting and Tailoring Centre, Saiha, Saiha Dictrict.
2. Handloom Weaving Training Centre, Saiha, Saiha Ditrict.
3. Cane & Bamboo Training Centre, Diltlang, Lawngtlai District.

DIC, Saiha constructed 1 (one) Training Hall at DIC Complex having an area of 60' x 30'. This Training Hall is well-equipped with water connection, P&E connection, Sanitary fittings and Sound System. The proper Hall accomodated 150 participants.

Staffing : 

Presently, this DIC is manned with :-
1. General Manager - 1 No.
2. Superintendent - 1 No.
3. Industrial Promotion officer - 1 No.
4. Extension Officer / Economic Investigator - 4 Nos.
5. Assistants and other Staffs - 21 Nos.


•    Industrial potential survey-collection of basic information regarding resources availability, trends in demand, assessment of infra-structuring facilities, study of existing industrial structure, etc. and review the existing industrial units.

• Conduct of awareness / Motivation Campaign through seminars, training and exhibition / demonstration.

•    Providing services and technical guidance for project formulation, etc. to the interested entrepreneurs.

•    Identification of priority industries, selection and establishment of industrial units with proper registration under the existing rules.

•    Monitoring & evaluation of the industrial programmes within the jurisdiction.

•    Giving support to the entrepreneurs including sick industrial units.

•    The DIC extends technical assistances, consultations to existing and intending entrepreneurs and impart trainings in the line of Tailoring, Knitting, Cane & Bamboo works and Handloom on fly-shuttle looms.

At present the DIC, Saiha is implementing only one centrally sponsored scheme - PMRY. Calling of applications through advertisement, selection of candidates / beneficiaries through Task Force Committee forwarding of their applications with supported documents to the SBI, Saiha for further action and providing short-course training to the selected beneficiaries, etc. were the implementing duties performed by DIC, Saiha. Details of information were clearly printed in the PMRY manual which can be seen in the DIC Office during office hour.

At present DIC, Saiha can afford the following supports for entrepreneurs:
a. Technical guidance and training facilities.

b. Grant-In-Aid

c. Subsidies of the following;

• Central Transport Subsidy (CTS)
• Interest Subsidy
• Power Subsidy
• Subsidy on Power Generation Set
• State Transport Subsidy on Plant & Machineries

ELIGIBILITY FOR AVAILING THE SUPPORT: Only the registered units and trained units are eligible for availing the support. Different kinds of support available for the entrepreneurs and eligibility for availing the supports were, clearly mentioned in the New Industrial policy of Mizoram 2000.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: The existing registered units were set up by the proprietors/entrepreneurs after speculating the business prospect of the goods / products they are going to manufacture / produce. Apart from giving technical guidance for project formulation, the entrepreneurs were advised to take pre-consideration of goods / products, which are in good demand at the market for setting up of a new industrial unit; raw materials that are available locally are generally recommended and encouraged.