1. Issuance of Weavers Credit Card 

During 2009-2010, the ministry conducted 3rd All India Handloom census through NCEAR. The survey left out many weavers, as a matter of fact the state government identified 1000 such weavers and issued Weavers’ Photo ID. The status of Mizoram state may be as follows:

A. Total No. of weavers in the state as per 3rd All India Handloom census : 39498

B. Weavers Photo ID received from Govt. of India : 39498

C. Weavers Photo ID returned to Govt. of India : 1517

D. Total No. of Weavers Photo ID distributed in District wise :


Name of District

No. of ID forwarded

Unidentified Photo ID






































  • Target under State Plan Fund : 1000
  • Total Weavers Photo ID issued under state plan fund = 1027
  • Total No of credit card issued by the bank as on 25.8.2016  = 199


Name of Bank

Name of Branch

No. of WCC issued



















  • Total No. of appication received by the State : 1035
  • Total no. of applications forwaded to the bank : 549
  • Total no. of applications pending without Weavers Photo ID card : 486
  • Fund allocated during 2016-17 under state plan for issuance of Weavers Photo ID card : Rs.1.45 lakh


2. Implementation of RSBY

All families in rural areas were covered under Health Care scheme which includes weavers in the area. Such being the case, the state government surveyed and identified weavers to be covered under RSBY in urban areas. The survey was completed during June, 2016 and identified 857 families to cover under the scheme. Out of this 190 families were enrolled and already issued smart card to these families.


3. BLCs under NHDP

As many as seven Block Level Handloom clusters are being implemented in Mizoram state. The first two batches of weaving training were completed successfully in all clusters. The training on dyeing and designing conducted by WSC will be started from October, 2016.

The project carried various components having varied physical targets. For instance 30 nos of work shed is sanctioned against 100 trained weavers. It is difficult for the state to short list recipient of the particular work shed from trained weavers having equal interest, skills, enthusiasm and opportunity. It is expected that a loud hue and cry among the trainees in case scheme is implemented as per sanctions. Hence, the ministry may be requested to provide additional fund for all trainees for post incentives like new loom frame, accessories set, work shed and solar lighting or allow the state government rationalization of these components in line with the number of trainees sanctioned.


4. Implementation of Integrated Skill Development scheme (ISDS)

ISDS is being implemented in Mizoram having a total target of 1130 weavers. The implementation of the scheme is in progress covering 439 who completed the training. As many as 210 weavers are being trained and expected to be completed during this calendar year. An amount of Rs.30.38 lakh and Rs.3.75 lakh from the central and the state governments respectively were received being first installment. The funds already released by both central and state governments were fully utilized. Even then, the state continued to take up the scheme conducting training for 210 weavers in anticipation of early release of the next installment. There is no fund left to meet the ongoing training programmes due to non receipt of second installment. The main reason for late release of the next installment appears to be problem on uploading of weavers bio data on MIS. The state faced a critical problem in uploading MIS which mandatorily insist Aadhaar card number.

The state government welcome the exemption on using  Biometric Machine for Mizoram. However, it is expected that further consideration may be granted to Mizoram state for using EPIC instead of Aadhaar card. Based on the replies submitted in line with the checklist, the ministry may be requested to release the next installment to clear the committed expenditures and liabilities so that the scheme may be implemented without stop gap and fruitfully.


5. Cluster Development Project under NERTPS :

17 Cluster Development Project under NERTPS is being implemented throughout the state. The state government directly implemented 11 clusters and the rest of 6 remaining clusters are implemented by Autonomous District councils. The first installment of Rs.3.575 crore was fully utilized and the second installment of Rs.5.49 crore is being utilized.


6. CFC established during 11th Plan

One CFC was established at Thenzawl, the concerted and prone weaving centre. The building constructed by IA, the ZOHANDC O Ltd is still in good condition. Recent photographs of the building were also sent to the ministry through WSC, Mizoram.


7. Apparel & Garment Making Centre

The Apparel & Garment Making centre was already handed over to the PIA. The state floated RFQ for three times out of which the previous two attempts were in vain without fruit. The state received one successful bidder each for skilling and manufacturing units. Users for the two units will be finalized within a short period of time for early operational of the centre. The PIA will float fresh RFQ for the remaining manufacturing unit at the earliest. The NEC already sanctioned fund for Power and water supply for which an early release of the fund is expected. Moreover, as the monsoon period is closing proposal of fund for meeting expenditure towards connectivity will be submitted to NEC.