The Main works undertaken by District Industries Centre, Aizawl can be summarized as under:

1.    Establishment Section:  This section deals with matters of administration, service matters, distribution of works of officers and staff, disciplinary action, etc.  It functions under a close supervision of General Manager, who is also the head of Office.

2.    Account Section:  This section deals with preparation of pay bills, traveling expenses, medical re-imbursement etc.  The financial sanction is accorded by the General Manager according to delegation of financial power, which is Schedule-II under the Government of Mizoram. Preparation nominal roll for budget and also expenditure and receipt are also undertaken by the section.

3.    General Section:  This section deals several matters.  There are several projects/schemes process by DIC like EDP, Planning, MPSP, RM Depot, Bamboo Development, RIDC, etc.  Works are distributed to the Ministerial Staff who put up the concern files to General Manager for decision through Superintendent and Functional Manager.

A. Incentives to Industrial Enterprises under State Government:  An incentive schemes like State Incentive Subsidy, such as re-imbursement on cost of project report, Land Subsidy, Factory Rent Subsidy, Man Power Development Subsidy, Interest Subsidy, Power Subsidy, Subsidy on Powerline, Subsidy on Power Generating set and State Transport Subsidy on plant and machineries.  Applications received from industrial enterprises are checked on the spot by Field Officers who make recommendation as per his findings and put up to the General Manager through Functional Manager for approval and decision.  These applications are forwarded to the Director of Industries for consideration after approval by the office.

B. Central Incentives Schemes:  District Industries Centre also process an applications of industrial enterprises for incentive under CTS, CCIS, Interest Subsidy, Comprehensive Insurance Scheme.  These schemes are implemented under the special packages called North Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy NEIIPP, 2007.  This NEIIPP also provided incentive to service sectors like hotel (not below 2 Star category), Adventure and Leisure Sports including Ropeways, Medical and Health services in the nature of Nursing Homes with a minimum capacity of 25 beds, Old Age Home, Vocational Training Institute, Bio-technology Industry and Power Generating Industry up to 10 megawatt on both conventional and non-conventional resources.  The applications received from an enterprise are checked on the spot by Field Officers.  Recommendations are made. In accordance with the actual findings.  It is then process for approval by General Manager through Functional Manager.

C. PMEGP:  District Industries Centre, Aizawl also process a new credit link subsidy programme called Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme. The main objective is to generate employment opportunities in rural as well as urban areas by setting up of new self employment ventures/project/micro enterprises.  The DIC invites applications for finance through banks.  The scheme envisages loan of upto 25 lakhs for manufacturing sectors and upto 10 lakhs for service sectors.  The Government of India provide 35% subsidy in the form of margin money for Schedule Tribes, etc.  The owners' contribution for the project is also 5% for Schedule Tribes and hill areas.  Applications for finance under the scheme are screen by the District Task Force Committee headed by the Deputy Commissioner of the District.  Recommended cases are sponsor to Banks for finance the scheme.

D.  Industrial Registration: There are two kinds of industrial registration i.e. EM part-I & EM Part-II.