District Industries Centre, Lunglei began with a very small establishment and the original name was the Superintendent of Industries Office with the Superintendent as its head. With the advancement of industrial exposure, the State Government urgently decided to expand the establishment of the Sub-Division Office into a better full- fledged District Office and re-christened it as DIC. Apart from this adjustment, distinct from other District Offices, the General Manager was assigned to govern the new establishment and a fresh Office Superintendent to handle the office administration. And from 1994, Industries Office contended to be in possession of their individual RCC Building at the very centre of Lunglei City, and that too, close to the Police Station. The authority invested with the General Manager of the DIC revolves around the whole Lunglei District.

Function and Duties :
The General Manager being head of the office administered and supervised all the office activities and without the head prior consent of the Head, departmental programmes and policy matters could not proceed further. The Subordinate Officer provided assistance, if required to the General Manager in any future Departmental programme and policy.

The upliftment of small scale industries and to provide available financial grant in Lunglei District were the main task of the General Manager and staff. And spreading awareness for self-employment is the primary concern of DIC and for this, training courses on carpentry, tailoring, sewing, stitchery and weaving were widely initiated.

Position of the Staff:
To assist the General Manager of the DIC, Lunglei Subordinate Officer and Staff were appointed as under.
1. Post Filled Up: Group A – 2; Group B – 7; Group C – 28; Group D – 23.
2. Post Vacant: Group A – 4; Group B – 5; Group C – 31; Group D – 2.
3. Apart from the official working forces, numbers of Muster Roll workers were employed as and when required.