Sl No.Name of the Park / Industrial AreaTotal Area (in Acre)Available Area (in Acre)Sector / Theme (if any)LocationDistance from National HighwayFacilities (List all)Whether Onboarded on IILBS?
1Industrial Estate, Zuangtui, Aizawl196.6994.2365Handloom, oxygen plant, plastic water tank and pipe, flour mill, steel fabrication, mineral water, carpentry etc.Aizawl District, 23.756405, 92.7387467 min (2.1 km)
 via Zuangtui - Selesih Rd
road, power supply, waterYES
2Industrial Growth Centre, Luangmual479.01313.7485Pavement block, oxygen plant, barbed wire, plastic water tank and pipe,biogas, mineral water, Saw mill, garments etc.Aizawl District, 23.756567, 92.658585
9.0 KM via MZU Roadroad, power supply, waterYES
3Export Promotion Industrial Park, Lengte868.89622.4165Saw mill, organic spices, dyna roof, steel etc.Mamit District, 23.788729, 92.6079796 Min (3.1 KM) via Lengte Roadroad, power supply, waterYES
4Bamboo Technology Park, Sairang81.3346.8905Bamboo SectorAizawl District, 23.842666, 92.6614041 min (6 m)road, power supply, waterYES
5Integrated Infrastructure  Development Centre(IIDC), Pukpui, Lunglei47.9223.432Furniture, Saw mill, steel structure, handloom.Lunglei District, 22.941128, 92.76034336 min (12.5 km)
 via Lunglei-Thenzawl Rd
road, power supply, waterYES
6Integrated Infrastructure Development Centre (IIDC), Zote, Champhai 46.3228.002Saw mill, handloom, food processing.Champhai District, 23.499994, 93.3568285 hr 38 min (157 km)road, power supply, waterYES
7Industrial Estate, Hmunhmeltha, Champhai65.2565.25
Champhai District, 23.502698, 93.31168817 min (5.6 km) Not developedNO
8Industrial Estate, Bairabi16.3710.9445Ginger Processing / MarketingKolasib District, 24.205743, 92.542783

1 min (6 m)
via NH6 (from NH6, Bairabi, Mizoram 788162
 to Bairabi, Mizoram)
road, power supply, waterNO
9Industrial Area, Pangbalkawn11.865.631
Saw mill
Kolasib District, 24.189657, 92.5962911 min (12 m)  via NH6, Kolasib - Bairabi RdNot developedNO
10Industrial Estate, Meidum6.233.0755Saw mill
Kolasib District, 24.181768, 92.5791091 min (2 m), via NH6, Kolasib - Bairabi RdNot developedNO
11Industrial Estate,Kolasib12.937.0405Food processing, wood based industriesKolasib District, 24.238146, 92.6826531 min (3 m), via NH6, Tuitha Veng, Kolasib, Mizoram 796081road, power supply, waterNO
12Industrial Estate, Lawngtlai13.415.2185Carpentry, handloom, food processing etc.
Lawngtlai District, 22.515556, 92.8941676 min (1.5 km)
 via Chengkawllui Rd
road, power supply, waterYES

Criteria for allotment of plot in industrial areas and procedures:

1. Prescribed application may be obtained from the Department on cast payment.

2. Documents required alongwith application:

            a) Voter’s ID/Family Ration Card

            b) Detail Project Report (DPR)


3. Selection procedure:

            Industrial Area Management Committee conducts interview of the applicants to select reliable entrepreneurs to run industrial unit.