• Sustainable industrial growth especially in the MSME sector in Mizoram
  • Encourage increasing value addition in various local produces and giving better income to farmers.
  • Conducive environment for investment.
  • Promote direct and indirect employment opportunities.


Our mission is to accelerate industrial development in Mizoram by maximizing investment, output, growth, employment and competitiveness through development of infrastructure, human resource, incentives and administrative support network.


The following are the key objectives of this policy.

  • To create infrastructure facilities, provide incentives and marketing as well as technical support to industries.
  • To create employment opportunities particularly to the vulnerable section of the society and people in rural area, ensuring inclusive development.
  • To provide skill development and training for educated youth to develop entrepreneurial skills and make them self-employed.
  • To attract investment in the state.
  • To reduce procedural formalities to speed up industrialization.
  • To reduce sectoral and regional imbalance in the industrial development in the State by promoting industries under all sectors.
  • To create proper linkage of processing industries with the farm produce of agriculture, horticulture, forest and livestock’s.


Under this policy, the following strategies and approaches will be adopted to achieve the desired objectives:

  • Identification of thrust areas.
  • Creating and upgrading industrial areas and infrastructure facilities with the participation of public sector and private sector in PPP mode.
  • Supplementing and fine tuning to suit local requirement of cluster development scheme available under the Govt. of India.
  • Providing subsidy incentives to MSME in the State.
  • Providing Special Capital Subsidy assistance to MSME in thrust sectors for first generation entrepreneurs by supplementing schemes under NEIIPP and other schemes of the Govt. of India.
  • Promote entrepreneur development and sector specific skill development training programmes to match the emerging skills needs of the industries.
  • Re-engineering of Public Sector Undertakings.
  • Evolving rehabilitation package for sick industries
  • Development of market support system and market level integration of product under common branding system.
  • Adoption of administrative support system to reduce procedural delay.
  • Adoption of broad frame work for FDI and investment from outside the state while safeguarding the interest of bona fide people of the State.
  • Taking up evaluation of the working of various schemes and also continuously reviewing procedures to ensure simplification and procedural reengineering.
  • Ensuring faster and timely flow of credit.
  • Providing and ensuring access to information for availing of benefit of various promotional schemes of the Govt. of India.
  • Provide incentives for adoption of low cost environment friendly technologies.
  • Simplifying regulations and procedures and ensure speedy clearance by single window clearance mechanism.