NLUP is the flagship programme of the state Government for economic upliftment of the people. The main objectives of the programme are:


  • To provide sustainable income to farming families who comprise nearly three-fourths of the total population of Mizoram by weaning them away from the destructive and unprofitable shifting cultivation practice


  • To provide urban poor with livelihoods by encouraging small scale industries and petty trades


  • Converging schemes funded by the Government of India (Centrally Sponsored Schemes) to NLUP for better utilization of funds and avoidance of duplication of works


  • Land reclamation and forestation by introducing permanent farming systems and land reforms


  • Environment protection and restoration through various means such as expansion of rain catchment areas for recharging rivers, springs and underground water, encouraging rearing of domestic animals and poultry for increased meat production to discourage hunting to protect the fauna etc


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