Mizoram being the land bestowed by the Almighty to the Mizos, it is the aspiration of the Government of Mizoram to care and develop the land and its people. Keeping this in mind, the Government has adopted MNF Party‟s Socio-Economic Development Policy (SEDP) for the development of Mizoram. The Policy and Programmes consists of objectives of the Government and strategies to achieve its visions for bringing development in Mizoram. The strategy encompasses, among others, protection and conservation of the land, exploration as well as proper and judicious use of the resources, just and transparent administration and self-sufficiency in food. Further, it envisages to bring forth a peaceful and harmonious society, inclusive and participatory governance, equality and equity among the citizens, and plunging forward of the Mizo society to a better and prosperous future. In short, the transition of Mizoram into a progressive State – „Zoram Thar‟. A holistic approach has been framed to transform the vision into reality

The SEDP are envisaged to promote and yield sustainable development – short term vision and long-term vision. The policy has been divided into two components as follows: 1. Political & Administrative Policy 2. Socio-Economic Development Policy which has two sub-components: i) Economic Development Policy ii) Social Development Policy Based on these broad outlines, a detailed strategic plan has been framed. Success of any policy, irrespective of the nation largely depends on research / prior study of the potential resources, the value system and orientation of the people, and its conformity to such features. In conclusion, we envision to mould our state into a peaceful, harmonious, self-sufficient and progressive State – A State which would be a visitor‟s haven and a model to others.

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