The Industries Department is one of the eight Line Departments selected to implement the NLUP programme. There are as many as 30 Nos. of model schemes originally approved by Technical committee where representative of concerned Central Department is presented as one of the member. The ceiling limit of each scheme is fixed at Rs 1.00 lakh for one family. However, due to increase in cost of Auto Rickshaw and Vertical Bandsaw the ceiling limit of the scheme is relaxed for Auto Rickshaw scheme and Wood Processing & carpentry trade I & II at Rs 1.16 lakh and 1.05 lakh respectively. On the other hand, there are some families who cannot take up main trade due to non availability of land and space of their own. Special micro enterprise schemes as home base activity up to the ceiling limit of Rs 50,000.00 are also introduced for those families.


The following are year wise financial and physical achievement under Industry Sector of NLUP.





Rs in lakh

Financial Achievement Rs in Lakhs



10723 (1st phase)



Released for 1st installment of 1st phase


10723 (1st phase) Maintenance



Due to late drawl of the fund an amount of Rs 8019.72 lakhs was spill over to next financial year and utilized during 2012-13


10723(1st Phase) for completion and 8856 (2nd phase)

Total: 19579 families assisted



3155.00 lying under ‘K’  Deposit


Whereas the 1st phase of NLUP was completed, the success of the programme can be seen all over the state. Most of beneficiaries Under Industry Sector possessed the required skill for their respective trade. A large fraction of the beneficiary takes up the scheme within their own capacity even before the NLUP. As a matter of fact, the moment when NLUP was given to those families most of the beneficiaries started the trade successfully and became the main source of income for the family. Especially beneficiaries of Auto Rickshaw plied their vehicles at their respective villages earning a daily income of Rs 600.00 to Rs 1000.00 in average. The gross total income earned by this trade alone is estimated at Rs 165.00 lakhs during the last financial year. Analogously, beneficiaries of Carpentry trade I & II also started their trade running mechanized carpentry work successfully with happiness. All units engaged one or more labourers beyond employment created for the NLUP families.


Beneficiaries of Tailoring trade are given Jenome myStyle for embroidery, Overlock machine and Tailor Super Deluxe for foot sewing machine. All beneficiaries are given compulsory training for operation of Jenome Mystyle(imported machine) for which beneficiaries can handle the machine. Whereas beneficiaries under the trade are mostly having the skill of tailoring beneficiaries started their trade successfully earning income to feed their family. The success in tailoring Trade is also remarkable.


Beneficiaries of Petty Trade I, II, III & IV also started their trade successfully generating income for the family. Many Grocery shops are found in operation many places of various town and villages. Vegetable shops are also newly opened, quite numbers of Road side Tea Stall are also found along the National Highway, state highway and many places within towns of various districts.


Beneficiaries of Desk Top Publishing, Video & Photography, Tinsmithy, Handloom, Automobile Workshop, chow Making, Electronic Repair, Beauty Parlour and other trades also implemented the NLUP programme successfully.