Statement of Boards, Councils, Committee & other Bodies


Mizoram Khadi & Village Industries Board

Mizoram KVI Board is established in March 1986 by an Act of Assembly i.e. the Mizoram Khadi & Village Industries Act, 1982. The Board is a statutory body and promotional body, but having a power to take up trading and business activities for the benefit of its registered Village Industries units, so as to promote Village Industries. The Mizoram KVI Board is established to provide for the better facilities development and regulation of Khadi & Village Industries in the State of Mizoram. As provided in section 17 of Mizoram Khadi & Village Industries Board Act, 1982, the Board shall perform the following functions and activities:


1. To start, encourage, assist and carry on Mizoram Khadi & Village Industries and to carry on trade or business in such industries and in the matters incidental to such trade or business.


2. To help the people by providing them with work in their homes and to give loans and other form of monetary help to individuals, registered co-operative societies and registered institutions.


3.To encourage establishment of co-operative societies for Khadi and Village Industries and Handicraft. To establish training centres and to train people with a view to equipping them with the necessary knowledge for starting or carrying on Khadi and Village Industries.



1. Mizoram KVI Board is one of the implementing agencies for Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) in the State of Mizoram. The target varies from year to year as decided by the Government of India.


2. The Board runs multi disciplinary training centre (MDTC) at Zemabawk from 1984. Trainings are conducted every year on various trades and the duration of the training period varies from trades to trades.


3. The Board has established Tung Oil Processing centre at Saitual and MDTC Zemabawk. Mizoram is one of the few states producing Tung oil in India. The MKVIB has been procuring Tung seeds from the local farmers and processed the same, producing Tung oil


4. The Board Established Emporium for marketing in every district of Mizoram. KVI Board is the sole agency to sell National Flag of different size in Emporium. Paraffin wax was lifted by the Board and sale at Emporium for candle making industry.


5. All unit assisted under the Board was provided technical support if and when necessary.


6. The Board established Rural Industrial Consultancy Service (RICS) to help Industrial Unit in making project report at main office.


Constitution of the Board

1. The Board consists of not more than eleven members headed by the Chairman who are appointed by the Government in the manner as specified in the relevant acts and rules, not less than 5 nor more than 10 other members as appointed by the Government. One of the members shall be nominee of the Commission, and the other will be appointed from amongst the Officers of the Government concerned with the Khadi and Village Industries Programmes and some persons having experience and faith in Khadi and Village Industries Programme.


2. The Government may appoint one of the other members as the Vice-Chairman.


3. The Government shall, after consultation with the Board, appoint one of the other members (other than the Chairman and Vice-Chairman) as the Secretary of the Board.