The Scheme is designed for human resource development through training, workshop, and exposure tour. Joint Director of Industries heads the scheme with supporting officers’ and staff. The main objective of the scheme is skill enhancement for new generation entrepreneurs and for technology up-gradation for existing entrepreneurs. The scheme aims to identify persons with entrepreneurial quality, to motivate them and to train them through a structured training course so as to enable them to set up their tiny and small scale industrial ventures with the assistance available from different agencies to bridge the large gap between Mizoram State and other states in terms of industrial production. Under the scheme, awareness workshop, seminars, training to spread and strengthen entrepreneurship and capacity building on essentials of entrepreneurship, survey of the prevalent socio - economic scenario, identification of business opportunities, role and function as well as schemes of assistance offered by various constituents of the support system, preparation of a technically feasible and economically viable project report are organised. Selection of trainees for DONER, NEC Skill Development Training program in institutions like CIPET, Imphal, Indo-German Tool at Aurangabad, Mysore, NIESBUD, Noida is carried out under the scheme. To explore the numerous opportunities in Gemstone and Jewellery, a training centre was established in collaboration with Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Government of India undertaking and conducts 1 year Diploma Course in Integrated Training in Gemstone and Jewellery.