The  Particulars of its Organisation, Function and Duties :

Genesis :      In the erstwhile Assam State, the Mizo Hills District had a small Rural Industrial Unit headed by a Project Officer. Since the establishment of Mizoram U.T. in 1972, a Department of Industries was created with a Directorate headed by Director of Industries embracing Sericulture as one of its Wings. Later on, during the year 01.04.1985, the Sericulture was molded into a separate Department. ZIDCO, MKVIB, ZOHANDCO, MIFCO and ZENICS were also created as a corporate bodies under the administrative control of Industries Department.


Function :    Industries Department implements all industrial development schemes whether sponsored by Central Government or by the State. It functions under the guidance and supervision of the Chief Minister and the Minister concerned. The Secretary seek guidance from concerned Minister in this regard from time to time and is responsible to the State Government in all respects for planning, evaluation, execution and rational expenditure of funds for the purposes.


Establishment of Major and Minor Industries, Registration and Licensing of Industries, Industrial Loan, Allotment of Raw Materials, Acquisition of land for Industries, Development of Industrial areas, Cottage Industries, Handicrafts Schemes, Mines and Minerals, Oil and Natural Gas in collaboration with Central Agencies, Handloom Development Schemes,  Computerisation in Government Departments and other related matters.


The Organisational Structure :

Directorate : The Directorate of Industries is one of the Directorates under the Government of Mizoram and is headed by the Director of Industries, presently assisted by 3 (three) Joint Directors, 4 (four) Deputy Directors, 4 (four) Project Managers, 2 (two) Assistant Directors, 2 (two) Superintendents and 1 (one) Assistant Engineer and a number of  subordinate staffs.


There are separate Sections / Wings under the Directorate which are given below :

Establishment Section : This Section deals with all matters concerning overall administration, service matters like recruitment rules, appointments, promotions, posting and transfer of officers and staff, disciplinary actions, Annual Confidential Reports. It functions under a close supervision of a Joint Director of Industries.


Handloom and Handicraft Wing : This Wing deals with promotion and development of handloom and handicraft in Mizoram, administration of G.I.A., subsidy and rebate on sales of handloom and handicraft products, conduct of various trainings  on textile, handloom and handicraft and gems cutting and polishing. This Wing functions under the direct supervision of Joint Director (H).


Account Section : It functions under the direct supervision of Finance & Accounts Officer deputed from the Department of Accounts & Treasuries, Mizoram. This Section deals with all financial transaction and budgeting of the Department, maintains and controls over expenditures and receipts and supervises the financial management of the Directorate.


Engineering / Works Section : This Section deals with maintenance of the Department buildings and Industrial Centres and prepares Plans and Estimates for Departmental works. This Section functions under an Assistant Engineer drawn on deputation from the P.W.D.


Food / Tea Section : This section deals with plantation of tea by small growers and provides guidance to tea planters. It also administers Grant-in-Aids Scheme for promotion of tea plantation. This Section functions under a Joint Director supported by a S.D.I.O. in-charge of Tea Section.


Planning  Section : It functions under a Joint Director assisted by Assistant Director with supporting staff. It deals with preparation of Annual Plan, Five Year Plans and other necessary action plans and proposals under State Plan and Centrally Sponsored Schemes on behalf of the Directorate.


Policy  Section : This Section functions under a Joint Director assisted by Industrial Promotion Officer and Extension Officer / Economic Investigator and deals with Industrial Policies of the Central Government and the State Government.


Raw Material / Grant-in-Aid / Subsidy Section : This Section deals with G.I.A., assistance to artisans in kind in the form of machineries/tools and in cash, administration of State Incentive Subsidies in line with Mizoram Industrial Policy such as subsidy on cost of Project Report, Land Subsidy, Factory Rent Subsidy, Man-power Development Subsidy, Interest Subsidy, Power Subsidy, Subsidy on Power Line, Subsidy on Power Generating Section, State Transport Subsidy on Plant and Machineries, Central Transport Subsidy, Raw Material Depot, Industrial Information and Entrepreneur Development Programme. This Section functions under a Deputy Director of Industries.


Vehicle / Industrial Infrastructure / C.F.C Section : This Section functions under the supervision of Project Manager (M&E) with supporting staff. It deals with Industrial Growth Centres,  management of vehicles and maintenance of Departmental buildings and Common Facilities Centres.


Electronics & I.T. Wing : This Wing functions under a Project Manager (Electronics) assisted by Technical Officer and other subordinate staff and deals with electronics and information technology in Mizoram. This Wing is entrusted with issue of clearance for procurement of computers to every Department under Government of Mizoram. This Section is responsible towards imparting technical know-how and skills to the government officials through various kinds of training. Training Centre under the Directorate is also directly supervised by this Wing.


Bamboo Section : This Section functions under a General Manager (Bamboo) with supporting staff. This Section looks after the scheme for development of Bamboo Sector under Industries Department and also handles the affairs of the Bamboo Development Agency (BDA) and the Export Promotional Industrial Park Authority (EPIPA).