Zoram Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited (ZOHANDCO)

Handloom and handicrafts are the most important and popular industrial activities in Mizoram. Mizoram has highly gifted skilled handloom and handicraft artisans. The various handloom and handicraft products, bearing testimony of both traditional and modern taste, are often exhibited in various trade and industrial fairs and exhibition. These are organized in the State, region and in various parts of the country, where they are appreciated and sold. The development of handloom and handicrafts is therefore found to be an important necessity not only to earn revenue for the State but also to provide avenues of large scale employment for youths of the State, particularly residing in the rural areas. For this purpose Zoram Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited was established in the year 1988, which is a Government of Mizoram Undertaking.

The main objectives of the Corporation are -


  • To develop, aid, advise, assist, finance, protect and promote interest of handloom and handicrafts unit in the State, whether owned or conducted by the Government, statutory body, company, firm or individuals and to provide them with capital, credit means of resources and technical and managerial assistance for the conduct of their methods of manufacture, management and marketing and their techniques of production.


  • To enter into contracts with, and take up indents for the Government of India and State Governments in all their Departments and Corporations and other Subsidiaries and Branches and from any agency or officer, thereof, having the necessary powers for fabrication, manufacture, assembly and supply of goods, materials, articles and equipments of every description and to arrange for the performance of