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                                                                                     Dated February 11, 2022




Expression of interests (EoIs) are invited for engaging Textiles Designer in Cluster Development Programme (CDP) at Buanhmun, S.Tuipui, Lunglei East, Khawzawl, Tuirial under National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP).

The designer will be selected through evaluation of his/her profile and experience in the relevant sector. The details of eligibility criteria, broad Terms of Reference (ToR), guidelines for submission of EoIs and other terms and conditions are available on the website

The eligible organizations/agencies/individuals interested in rendering their services as Designer may submit EoI in sealed envelope, super scribing the title “EoI for engaging Designer at CDP Buanhmun/S.Tuipui/Lunglei East/Khawzawl/Tuirial” within 21 days of the date of the advertisement to Smt. FLORENCE ZOTLUANGPUII, Director of Commerce & Industries, Khatla, Aizawl-796001. In case, the 21st day falls on a holiday, the next working day will be considered as the last day.



 Director of Commerce & Industries

Memo No. B.23011/4/2015-DTE-IND(HTH)   :  Dated Aizawl, the 11th February, 2022

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                                                                                 Director of Commerce & Industries    

Notice Inviting Expression of Interests (EoIs) for engaging Textile Designer in Cluster Development Programme (CDP) under National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP) at Buanhmun, S.Tuipui, Lunglei East, Khawzawl, Tuirial, implemented by Handloom, Textiles & Handicrafts Wing, Directorate of Commerce & Industries, Govt. of Mizoram.


Last date of receipt of EoI : 21 days from the date of the advertisement. In case the 21st day falls on a holiday, the next working day will be considered as the last day.


Introduction : 

In Cluster Development Programme (CDP) under National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP), a qualified Designer/Agency will be engaged by the Implementing Agency for developing innovative designs and marketable products for the cluster. Designe r will develop the design portfolios, which will be further developed into sellable products by the handloom weavers who do not have much exposure to market and thus not aware of the consumer preference and other market trends.

          Once the design portfolio is developed, the process of product development will begin with the support of the Implementing Agency. Products will be developed by the weavers of the Implementing Agency of the cluster. The total cost of designs and sample development will be borne from the funds provided under Product Development intervention by the GoI to the IA. Designs created by the designers will be provided free of cost to the willing weavers of the cluster.


1. Objective : 

The objectives of engagement of Designer in CDP are as follows :

  • To assist the Implementing Agency (IA) in modifying the designs, clolour combination and textures of the fabrics and product samples.
  • To develop a range of handloom products as per market requirements.
  • To train weavers and technical staff of the Implementing Agency to convert paper designs into fabrics/end products.
  • To coordinate with the marketing consultant and the Implementing agency for establishing market linkages with the importers/buying agents/overseas buyers for marketing of the products developed under the project from the stage of designs into products.
  • To document the designs and products developed.
  • Design development activities include designer input towards textile techniques, motifs, design & color trend and redefined usage of fabrics, usage of existing garment styles, product development using new techniques.


2.Eligibility Criterion:

A firm/agency is eligible to support the cluster by providing their designer by fulfilling the eligibility norms. In such a case, CV of the designer should be forwarded by the agency concerned to the Implementing Agency (IA). If the designer recommended by the agency is engaged in the cluster, he/she will continue to work in the cluster. However, change of the designer in the cluster is permitted only on two occasions and that to with the prior permission of the IA. An individual, fulfilling the eligibility norms can also apply directly to the IA.


Eligibility Norms :

The applicant should have passed out from the Textile Design Institute of repute. The applicant should have at least 2 yrs. experience of working as Textile Designer, preferably with experience of working in handlooms and should have track record for promotion and development of textile including handlooms.


3.Duration of the Project : 

Project duration is for 3 years. The designer will be engaged initially for one year which is extendable, subject to satisfactory performance. If the performance of the designer is not found satisfactory, his/her services shall be discontinued at any time, even before completing a year.


4.Scope of Work


a) Design Development 

Selecting the right yarn keeping design and products in mind. Work on the combination of weaves/motifs and patterns/colour ways/value addition/design concepts/colour references in the form of pantone number or thread card number to be provided along with designs (if required)/prototype (sample) development.



b) Product Development

Develop various product ranges like yardages, sarees, furnishing articles keeping in mind the weave and patterns of cluster and how it can be modified according to need of local, national and international market. The designer shall identify the products before commencement of the project by visiting the cluster. The designer will provide only those ranges of products, which are acceptable to the targeted market/buyer and shall be responsible for the success of the products.


c) Train the weavers

To train/enroll the weavers to translate the paper designs onto the fabric.


d) Marketing of the handloom products

To ensure marketing of the new products developed by the designer.


e) Documentation of the Designs & Products developed

To document the designs and products developed by the designer.


5. Project Work

a) Extensive field visits to the cluster to identify the various types of design skills of the different weavers groups.


b) Assess existing design patterns and products of the cluster and suggest the product Range.


c) Each design is to be developed at least in two colour ways.


d) Assist implementing agency in marketing the developed products.


e) Designer has to stay atleast for 15 days in every month in the cluster for undertaking the assigned activities.


f) Weavers’ Service Centre (WSC) concerned will be actively involved in supervision of the work of the designer engaged.



6.Project Fees

Designer shall be paid as follows :


  1. Fixed remuneration @Rs.30000/- per month.
  2. Lump sum payment to meet the expenditure towards local travel, telephone etc.@Rs.500/- p.m.
  3. Re-imbursement of cost of TA/DA for travel to attend the meeting convened by the State Commissioner/Director of Handlooms/Head of Office of Weavers’ Service Centre @Rs.800/- per day for stay in Hotel and travel by Public transport i.e.3rd AC train/Deluxe Bus, subject to actuals on production of relevant documents.


Table 1 : Monthly targets/deliverables for Designer :



Minimum targets/deliverables



Number of new designs to be developed (each design to be in minimum 2 colour ways)



*Number of products to be developed, including sampling/prototypes



Number of designs/products to be marketed/obtaining production orders



Training to cluster weavers for developing samples/ prototypes



*IA has to fully support in developing samples/prototypes


Note: a) The designer has to ensure marketing, promotion and support for sales of 

    the new product/samples developed. The designers may also be evaluated   

    quarterly on the basis of the above parameters. The emphasis however 

   must be on the quality of designs, design intervention and increase in 



b) IA has to submit monthly progress report of designer work to the 

    Commissioner/Director of Handlooms and WSC concerned.




7. Designer Selection Criteria


  • The designer shall be selected by a Committee which will be chaired by Director of Commerce & Industries, representative of WSC, NHDC and IA.
  • Selection will be made on the assessment of the profile of the designer.
  • Qualifications and the relevant experience for handling similar projects.
  • The committee reserves the right to recommend amendments in the proposed project. The selection in that case will be subject to incorporation of those amendments.
  • Decision of the committee shall be final and binding on all the applicants.


7.1 Marking Criterion


  • Qualification (20%)
  • Years of experience (20%)
  • Experience of working in handloom sector (30%)
  • Approach and methodology towards development of proposed cluster, etc (30%)


  1.  Procedure for Submission of Expression of Interest


The following are to be submitted in sealed cover:


  • Designer’s profile in brief with details of experience in designing, promotion and product development in the handloom/textiles sector including awards won and details of its creativity, works done in the past in connection to the scope of the work suggested.


  • Proof of Experience and of handling relevant activities mentioned.


  • Any other supporting documents relevant to the project.


  • Copy of concept of depicting and focusing on development of Handlooms by providing design inputs and promotion to the domestic and international market.




8. Other Information

Applicants may submit request for clarification to this EoI by sending an email on our address Clarification requests must be received by _____________________


9.Last Date for Submission of EoI


      The last date for submission of EoI is 21st day from the date of advertisement (upto 3.00 p.m). The EoI received after due date shall not be accepted. The EoI should be addressed to Smt. Florence Zotluangpuii, Director of Commerce & Industries Deptt. Khatla, Aizawl-796001. The envelope should clearly be marked ‘Proposal for engaging Designer/Agency for the Buanhmun/S.Tuipui/Lunglei East/Khawzawl/Tuirial Cluster’. The applications should reach within 21 days from date of publication of advertisement.


10.Rights of Implementing Agency

                   The Implementing Agency reserves the right to accept/reject the proposals received without assigning any reasons whatsoever, or may call for any additional information/clarification, if so required.


11.Court Jurisdiction


        This shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of local courts.


        In case any further clarification or information is required, following may be contacted :


Smt. Hunthianghlimi, Assistant Director (HTH), Directorate of Commerce & Industries, Khatla, Aizawl.. Tel-9862133140


13. Attachments to be furnished with EoI


  1. CV of the applicant
  2. Documents establishing the credential of the Designer-qualification of the designer, years of experience, working experience in handloom sector, approach and methodology towards development of cluster etc. should be submitted as part of EoI.
  3. If a company/agency is recommending a designer, profile of the company/agency along with the CV of the designer should be submitted.